Rossall Sea Defenses June Update

With the November end date fast approaching, works continue to focus on filling some large gaps in the new sea defenses at Rossall.

The bridging structure over the United Utilities twin outfalls is progressing slowly but surely, reported the Wyre Council.

All 30 tubular steel piles have been driven into the beach with all the steel beams spanning between them installed, most now encased in concrete.

The reinforced concrete slab which spans between the beams is now being cast. All of this will support the new sea defenses above without imposing any load on the outfalls.

According to the report, two of the three vehicular/pedestrian access ramps which run from the upper promenade all the way down to the beach have now been completed with work started on the third.

At each of the 18 groynes, a ramp provides access over it and to the beach access steps. Work to install a large precast edging kerb and a finished slab to the base of the steps and ramps is underway, currently to 9 of the 18 ramps.

As part of the project the crews are also building an ecology park to the rear of the sea defenses. Initially this involves recontouring the land up towards the rear wall to reduce the visual impact of the concrete wall so that only 1.1 meters (handrail height) is visible.

This requires the import of 90,000 tonnes of material to raise land levels. Over the period the crews have started work importing/placing material and topsoiling at the southern end of the scheme.

Other work carried out to date includes placing of golden quartz promenade slabs, joint sealing promenade slabs, completion of precast concrete revetment units, wave wall units and heel slabs around two completed beach access ramps and work that will tie in the new to the existing defenses at both the north and south ends.