Rhosonics Slurry Density Meter Proves Success in Belgium

DC Dredging recently completed a two-months trial with the Rhosonics Slurry Density Meter (SDM) at their hopper dredging vessel RIO, Rhosonics said in its latest case study. 

The SDM was used during a beach filling project in front of the Belgium coast in early 2017.

“Originally, the ship RIO was equipped with a nuclear density meter, however, for this specific project in Belgium there was no permission to use a nuclear device,” Rhosonics said.

DC Dredging decided to replace the instrument and start the trail period with the non-nuclear SDM density meter.

SDM density meter with a metal weldolet piece

The test at the RIO was positive, thus the company continued using the SDM at their dredging ship RIO during beach nourishment and shore protection projects throughout Europe, according to Rhosonics.

STI, a Dutch company is specialized in services for the maritime industry, was taking care of this project.

Albert de Jonge, director of STI, said about the test at the Rio: “The commissioning of the SDM at the Rio was easy and successful. We calibrated the SDM and were satisfied with the shown accuracy. We are happy to work with Rhosonics and have much confidence in this product.”

The SDM was located behind the discharge pump at the back of the ship. The exact point of installation was based on the flow rate and the slurry properties.

For the high density value STI used the reference point and the former reference measurement values of the nuclear density meter.