USPA Releases Chernomorsk Seaport Dredging Tender

The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) has started a public bidding process for the maintenance dredging of the Chernomorsk seaport approach channel to the level of 16m.

According to USPA, the project is estimated to be worth around $4.2 million. The total volume of dredging will be approximately 504,400m3, covering the area of 25.6 hectares.

We continue to purposefully modernize and strengthen our ports. After three signed contracts on the reconstruction of the channel and water area in Yuzhny port, the USPA branch in Chernomorsk should start similar projects,” said Raivis Veckagans, the Head of the USPA.

In addition to dredging of the approach channel, the operational water area of ​​the first bucket of the Dry Estuary (now Chernomorsk seaport) will soon be reconstructed. The tenders for both projects will be traditionally open and transparent, involving companies from Ukraine and from around the world, through the Prozorro system,” added Raivis Veckagans.

Public bidding will be conducted in two stages: the first stage is the provision of technical documentation, the second one is the auction. The deadline for submitting bids through the Prozorro system for technical requirements is July 31, 2017, with the auction scheduled for September 5.

USPA is planning to complete the Chernomorsk dredging project in 2017.

Project reference

The construction of the approach channel to ​​the cargo area of ​​Odessa port in the Dry Estuary has begun in the late fifties following on a technical project developed by the research institute ChernomorNIIproject.

Initially, the approach channel was designed with the width of 60m, depth of 8.25m and length of 780m. Then, as a result of maintenance dredging, the channel parameters changed, and today the channel depth is 14.5m, width is 150m, and the length is 1.4km.

Now, in connection with the increasing share of the large-capacity vessels with the draft of more than 14m, these parameters no longer ensure the safety of passage through the channel to the port, and its reconstruction is necessary.