Dredging Work at Dawlish Warren Completed

Image source: Environment Agency

The dredging and beach recharge work at Dawlish Warren is now completed.

Since the trailing suction hopper dredger Mahury arrived at Dawlish Warren on June 1st, over 250,000m³ of sand has been pumped to the beach, equivalent to over 100 Olympic swimming pools full of sand.

In order to protect internationally important species of birds and protected fish movements in the Exe Estuary, the dredging and beach recharge operation could only be completed in June, July and August.

“Work was sequenced to ensure the main tourist beach was accessible during the 2017 school summer holidays, but excellent progress has seen the entirety of the beach recharge completed by early July,” according to the official Dawlish Warren Beach Management Scheme website.

Beach closures were required throughout the beach recharge works for safety reasons.