IHE Delft Takes Part in Alexandria Project

Dutch-based education institute IHE Delft will lead a project to improve the flood resilience of the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria.

According to Dutch Water Sector, a new approach – the Anticipatory Flood Management (AFMA) – will be used to make the city better prepared for severe flooding.

The AFMA is a public-private partnership that aims to connect engineers, planners, architects, designers and other experts to community members, companies and local government to propose new solutions that will strengthen the city’s resilience to severe rain storms.

The partners are IHE Delft (lead), Alexandria University, Montaser (General Contracting Company), Group of Integrated Design, Alexandria Business Association. Associated partners are HKV, Regional water authority Delfland, City of Rotterdam.

The project has been awarded for a grant from the Sustainable Water Fund of the Netherlands.