Cedar Falls Levee System Meeting Today

The City of Cedar Falls is conducting a Public Informational Meeting to discuss the planned improvements to the Cedar Falls Levee System.

After historic flooding that occurred in June of 2008, the city decided that increasing the protection level of the downtown flood levee and floodwall system was one of the highest priorities for the city.

The 2008 flood event exceeded the design event for the existing levee system; but with the assistance of emergency flood fighting procedures, the protection was not overtopped.

The intent of the proposed alteration is to increase the level of protection for the entire City of Cedar Falls flood protection system to the 0.2 percent annual chance exceedance (500-year) level of protection. The proposed alteration will increase the height of protection between 2 and with a maximum of 4 feet.

The meeting will take place on August 3, 2017 from 5–7 p.m. at the Cedar Falls Community Center in Iowa.

At the meeting, the city will provide latest information on project, the proposed improvements, and the permitting process with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.