VBA Wins North Lincolnshire Flood Defense Project

VBA, a joint venture comprising VolkerStevin, Boskalis Westminster and Atkins, has won another local authority (RMA) contract through the Environment Agency’s Water and Environment Management (WEM) framework – this time for North Lincolnshire Council.

The North Lincolnshire Lakes scheme located in Scunthorpe, was awarded to VBA to increase flood defense protection and improve existing barriers to defend homes in the Isle of Axholme areas.

The work on site will include reinforcing the existing earth embankment and the installation of 3.5km of sheet piles along the east bank of the river Trent from the M180 to Keadby Bridge.

Nick Culshaw, framework director for VBA, said: “We are proud to have secured another RMA scheme to follow successful projects delivered to other local authorities in Northumberland, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. We are looking forward to working closely with North Lincolnshire Council to deliver this important scheme for the region.

The extensive flood defense infrastructure will improve the existing defenses surrounding Burringham and Gunness, prevent existing homes across the community from future flooding and increase the protection for the Lincolnshire Lakes scheme. This scheme is part of the council’s £1.2bn wider plan to build six new villages to the East of the River Trent.

VBA will be keeping disruption to a minimum on site by using low vibration piling techniques during working hours. Works start on site in December 2017 and continue until March 2019.