Kaliningrad Sea Canal Dredging Resumes

Maintenance dredging operations resumed on the Kaliningrad Sea Canal at the end of July 2017, according to the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch.

The suspension of maintenance dredging operations for more than three months has been conditioned due to fish spawning in the region and the need to assemble flexible adapters that help connect coastal disposal site and operating dredgers, reported the branch.

In order to organize the delivery of additional 350.000 cubic meters of sediment to coastal disposal sites, the Kaliningrad Directorate of the North-Western Basin Branch used the break to carry out needed repairs on PK Picket 130.

Preparatory and associated works have been also carried out to take sediments on the coastal disposal on PK Picket 130, added the Rosmorport.

During the repairs, banking-up of the coastal disposal on PK 214 has been complete and at least 530 meters of new pipes have been laid.