Restoring Flower Mound Ponds

A major improvement project that will remove odor and restore the aquatic health of three Flower Mound park ponds is now underway, the Town of Flower Mound, TX, said in its latest announcement. 

Pond dredging at Cortadera Park began in early August, and once crews are finished there, the same process will begin at Rheudasil Park, followed by Wilkerson Park.

Over time, sediment from development, litter, runoff, and other factors begins to settle on the bottom of any pond. According to the city’s announcement, as this sediment continues to build upward, the aquatic health of the pond can become threatened, thus mechanical or hydraulic dredging is needed to restore the pond’s natural bottom.

“For this project, we are using mechanical dredging where fish are relocated, the pond is drained, silt is removed via the use of an excavator, and then hauled away. Rainwater, which is natural and cost-effective, will refill the ponds, at which time the ponds will be restocked with fish,” the town said.

Surveys by Town staff and engineers determined that in addition to dredging, Rheudasil Park will undergo bank stabilization, which will keep the shoreline from eroding outward into the park and more sediment from the unstable edge filling up the pond.

To achieve this, crews will install slope revetment structures around the entire pond, along with a retaining wall at the northern end of the pond where the bank is the steepest.

“Not only will this combat erosion, it will increase accessibility for residents utilizing the shores of the pond for fishing or other activities,” they said.

The three park upgrades are expected to be complete by fall 2018.

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