Bourne Shoreline Projects About to Begin

The Town of Bourne, MA, has just released a notice regarding shoreline projects that will begin in early September.

According to the town, the first project will be dredging at Monument Beach.

Approximately September 5th, we will begin building a de-watering pit on the public swim beach at Monument Beach. Construction will be done with an excavator and bulldozer. The beach will then be closed to the public for the duration of the project,” the town said.

The town also added that there will be additional dredging in the channel leading up to the Toby Island bridge. The aim is to dredge the location of the new boat ramp prior to construction.

The actual dredging should take less than 5 days. Work on the beach will take place before and after the actual dredging. The dredge spoils are all suitable for beach nourishment and will be kept on the public beach,” added the town.

Following the completion of the Monument Beach works next to be dredged is Barlows Landing.

We did not have a window to dredge because of overlapping time of year restrictions for Winter Flounder and Diamondback Terrapins. We were given a waiver and permission to dredge from October 1-14,” the town said.

Construction of the de-watering pit at Barlows is scheduled to begin in late September. The town expects dredging/beach nourishment project to be completed until the end of October.

The town also reported that the same crew from the Monument Beach dredge project, both on land and in the water, will be responsible for the Barlows Landing works.