Central Valley Board Adopts Updated Plan to Invest in Flood Protection

The Central Valley Flood Protection Board yesterday adopted the 2017 update to the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP).

Developed in partnership with the Department of Water Resources (DWR), the update incorporates the latest information and science to improve flood risk management throughout California’s Central Valley, which includes the Sacramento and San Joaquin River basins.

The plan focuses largely on making statewide system recommendations to improve public safety, ecosystem conditions, and economic sustainability.

The 2017 CVFPP emphasizes the importance of investing in long-term, multi-benefit actions to improve flood risk management while improving ecosystem functions, modernizing operations and maintenance practices and strengthening institutional support for flood management.

It identifies the need to invest $17 billion – $21 billion in the Central Valley flood system over the next 30 years.

California cannot afford to ignore our aging flood management systems. While we have made significant investments over the years, we need to push the limits to ensure a resilient and sustainable flood system,” said DWR Director Grant Davis.

“This comprehensive plan will have a lasting impact on the entire state and is a result of a strong partnership between state agencies and the stakeholder community.”

Development of the 2017 update to the CVFPP was a cooperative effort involving engineers, scientific and planning experts, counterparts in state, local and federal agencies and a robust network of stakeholders that includes residents, businesses owners, and government officials.

The next update to the plan will occur in 2022.

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