Government Supports Springdale Marina Development

Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada will invest over $100,000 in the Town of Springdale allowing the town to carry out further studies for its proposed marina development project.

The studies will provide additional data to support the feasibility study and engineering plan completed in 2015 and strengthen the town’s decision-making process on the proposed development.

Scott Simms, Member of Parliament for Coast of Bays-Central-Notre Dame, announced a $72,000 investment in the project from ACOA’s Business Development Program, while Christopher Mitchelmore, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, announced a provincial contribution of $29,563.

We are pleased to support the Town of Springdale in this project to ensure it has all of the information and in-depth analysis needed to take further steps towards the proposed marina development.” said Scott Simms.

Christopher Mitchelmore added that by supporting the early stages of the marina development project, “our government will help ensure the required planning and geotechnical work is completed, and further assist in the development of this initiative which has the potential to encourage economic diversification in the region.

Through this project, the Town of Springdale will hire expertise to undertake a geotechnical study to determine the subsurface conditions for the marina’s wharf and breakwater.

In addition, a bathymetric analysis will be carried out to support the design of the marina facilities and ensure safe vessel passage. This will involve assessing seabed conditions and water depths. Results from these studies will assist the town in determining how best to proceed with the marina development in terms of project size and scope.

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