Jackson Completes Flood Defenses in Cleethorpes (VIDEO)

Jackson recently completed works on a £1.3 million flood defense scheme in Cleethorpes aimed to protect hundreds of homes and businesses on behalf of the North East Lincolnshire Council.

Work to replace the existing timber groyne started on Monday, April 24th 2017. The old groyne was replaced with a Y shaped groyne, made from rocks, which is the most effective shape for the tidal movements around the area, and is the most cost efficient in terms of long-term maintenance.

According to the North East Lincolnshire Council, nearly 13,000 tonnes of rock was delivered from Norway to complete the new groyne, with the rock sizes being up to 4 tonnes in weight.

The remaining groynes between Wonderland and the Pier will also be partially refurbished as part of this project with new timbers installed to prolong the groynes’ residual life.