Jackson Hyder to Build Flood Storage Area for Badsey Brook Scheme

The Environment Agency has begun construction works on the flood storage area under the Badsey Brook flood risk management scheme.

This includes earth works and the removal of topsoil along the footprint of the proposed embankment and the flood storage area.

The flood storage area will be able to hold up to 135,000 cubic meters of water upstream of Cheltenham Road in Broadway. Earth embankments and a control structure will also be constructed to limit the amount of water flowing down the brook during periods of high rainfall.

Jackson Hyder are the principal contractor for the works.

When finished, the Badsey Brook flood risk management scheme will reduce flood risk for approximately 290 properties along the Badsey and Bunches Brook in Broadway, Childswickham and Murcot.

The area suffered from extensive flooding in 2007 and 2012, with roads and properties affected. Following the 2007 floods, the Environment Agency began drawing up plans to reduce the risk of flooding in the Badsey Brook catchment.