CAP 2020 Development Project Open for Comments

At the launch of the public consultation on Monday, 18 September 2017, Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque presented its CAP 2020 development project.

With traffic volumes due to double by 2030, the trade in containerized goods is now the fastest-growing sector in Europe.

To seize the opportunities and take its place as a key link in the European distribution chain, Dunkerque-Port developed the CAP 2020 project.

Overall, the CAP 2020 investment project plans the creation of new terminals (quays and docks) equipped and adapted for handling containerized goods from the world’s major markets. After the construction and deepening, these terminals will be accessible to the largest ships.

The public consultation on the CAP 2020 project will run from 18 September to 22 December 2017.

During this period a number of discussion events and meetings will be organised by an independent commission (the Special Commission for Public Consultation) to inform the public and allow everyone to express their views on this ambitious project.