Dragflow Takes Part at the Genoa Show

Dragflow – a global player in solid pumping solutions – and Dragflow South will be present at the International Boat Show in Genoa, an important event for the sector in its fifty-seventh edition.

In particular, on Saturday, September 23, the company will take part in the schedule of initiatives organized by Assonat (National Association of Ports) with a seminar titled “Dragflow, products and practical solutions for dredging and maintenance of ports and marinas“, the company reported.

At the event, many solutions and innovations will be discussed, including Dragflow extensive experience in supplying products and systems that can solve the problems associated with maintaining port functionality.

Thanks to the technical characteristics of its products, Dragflow is able to provide solutions to various issues: little maneuvering space within marine ports (some models of small dredgers are particularly well suited for operations in reduced areas); the need to discharge sediments obtained at remarkable distances; continuous contrast of erosion phenomena or accumulation of debris due to tide movement or seasonal meteorological events; and remote control dredges (DRPs) equipped with submersible pumps are among the various opportunities Dragflow and Dragflow South will talk about.