Port Development MENA Conference in Dubai

With the significant number of seaport terminals lining the Arabian coasts, port authorities and operators continue to expand and upgrade their infrastructure in order to increase their market positions and stay competitive.

The Middle Eastern ports sector has witnessed enormous growth over the last few years which has resulted in significant competition between ports as they look to snag a bigger market share of the growing trade in the region.

In response to that, operators are pursuing a massive expansion drive in infrastructure within their facilities, upgrading terminal operating systems, investing in cyber security and smart solutions, offering different value-added services and continuously looking beyond the obvious opportunities to increase port activity.

To help interested parties gain the best knowledge of up-to-date innovations for the ports, the IQPC Middle East will host the 4th edition of the Port Development MENA Conference from the 26-28 September in Dubai, UAE.

The event will bring together senior port representatives, consultants and contractors, as well as the best suppliers across the industry to share their knowledge and drive better business in the region.