Nibulon Launches New Dredger – Mykolaivets

Image source: Nibulon

The Ukrainian Nibulon Shipbuilding and Repair Yard said in their latest release that they launched a high-capacity self-propelled СДС-15 dredger with a symbolic name Mykolaivets on September 17. 

According to the director of Nibulon Shipbuilding and Repair Yard, Dmytro Horbenko, the launched vessel is definitely unique.

“In principle, it has no analogues… This is a self-propelled vessel that can work at depths of up to 15 meters – with a bucket, a milling cutter and a hydraulic hammer,” said Horbenko at the ceremony.

“This unique vessel is a self-propelled dredger. Its main dimensions are as follows: length – 38m, breadth – 12m, and draught – 1.6m. It is a vessel with a powerful engineering complex,” added the director of Nibulon’s shipping company, Oleksii Lalin.

“It is equipped with an excavator with a hydraulic hammer that can crush rocks, as well as a hydraulic pump station, which can transfer 2,000m³ of pulp per hour to a distance of 1.5km. This vessel will allow us to deepen the Dnipro River, the Southern Buh River, as well as the water area of ports and terminals to the depths that are necessary for the effective operation of the fleet operating on our rivers and water areas.”

Mykolaivets will start experimental dredging on the Dnipro River, namely at the Dniprodzerzhynsk reservoir during this month.