Broads Authority Launches CANAPE Project

Partners from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Great Britain met in the Broads National Park this week to kick off a brand new €5.5 million project.

The Broads Authority is the lead partner of CANAPE project (Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems).

The matched funded project will give the Broads Authority over 700,000 euros from the European Regional Development Fund and will enable the Broads Authority to continue to deliver the ‘Hickling Vision’ and restore more areas of eroded reed bed at Hickling Broad.

The project will see innovative geo-textile materials used to form a bunded wall into which sediments dredged from Hickling will be pumped and then planted with local reeds.

The funding will also aim to use healthy peatlands in the Broads National Park to help regulate global climate change as the peatland naturally absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere when correctly maintained.