VIDEO: LNG-Powered TSHD Minerva During Sea Trials

Royal IHC has just released an amazing video shot during the sea trials of DEME’s 3.500m³ LNG-powered trailing suction dredger (TSHD) Minerva.

The TSHD Minerva, launched on December 3rd 2016, at Royal IHC’s shipyard in Kinderdijk, is the first vessel of this kind in the world.

The dual-fuel (diesel and LNG) dredger has a ‘Green Passport’ and a ‘Clean Design’ notation, complying and exceeding with the strictest international emission requirements.

This vessel is equipped with 80cm suction tube, suitable for dredging to a depth of 30m. The dredged material will be discharged through three bottom doors to a floating line or rainbow nozzle.

Royal IHC also constructed another LNG-powered vessel for DEME, the 7.950m³ trailing suction hopper dredger Scheldt River. The vessel is the second dredging vessel in the world that is equipped with dual fuel engines.