Connecticut Living Shorelines Workshop Set for November 20

Connecticut Institute for Resilience & Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) will organize a workshop on putting living shorelines projects into practice.

Sea-level rise and storms are increasing erosion and inundation of coastal wetlands across New England and threaten property and valuable natural resources.

The term “living shoreline” refers to a shoreline erosion control management practice that also restores, enhances, maintains or creates natural coastal or riparian habitat, functions and processes.

Coastal and riparian habitats include but are not limited to intertidal flats, tidal marsh, beach/dune systems, and bluffs. Living shorelines may include structural features that are combined with natural components to attenuate wave energy and currents.

This workshop will provide an update about the state of living shorelines in Connecticut, highlight existing projects and research, and overview related permitting processes. Design concepts for both a larger, municipal site and a smaller, residential/land trust site will be explained at the workshop.

The Connecticut Living Shorelines: Projects into Practice Workshop will take place Monday, November 20, 2017, at the UConn, Avery Point Campus, Marine Sciences Building.

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