Rebuilding of the Atlantic Beaches

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has just released the latest edition of its Ocean Science magazine, which focuses on the multi-faceted work of BOEM’s Marine Minerals Program (MMP).

BOEM’s MMP program helps coastal communities recover from major storm events that erode beaches and threaten infrastructure, but it also helps towns proactively prepare before these storms hit.

Along the Atlantic coast, 32 projects in six states have been completed, with those numbers continually increasing, according to BOEM.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall in October 2012, BOEM received more than $16.3 million to address critical needs for Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) sand and gravel throughout the Atlantic coastal areas.

This included supporting state-led coastal efforts to plan for resilience, and identifying potential resources 5.5–14.8 kilometers offshore from Massachusetts to Miami, Florida, through the Atlantic Sand Assessment Project (ASAP).

After the hurricane, BOEM conveyed OCS sand resources to Sandbridge Beach and Wallops Island, VA; Brevard County, FL; and Long Beach Island, NJ. Since Hurricane Matthew struck in October 2016, BOEM supported coastal and habitat restoration projects for Martin and Brevard counties, FL and Dare County, NC.

BOEM is determined to continue their support to coastal communities before and after storms, with its MMP program helping various stakeholders while considering the environmental impacts of rebuilding Atlantic beaches.