Willamette River Dredging Plan on the Table

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, has received an application from Marion County (OR) for a Department of the Army permit related to the dredging work in waters of the United States.

The proposed project involves annual removal of a maximum of 800 cubic yards (CY) of sand, silt, and gravel from below the ordinary high water mark of the Willamette River at river mile 106.5.

According to the applicant, purpose of the project is to maintain adequate water depth within the Willamette River to safely operate the ferry at the Buena Vista Crossing.

The applicant is proposing to mechanically dredge gravel and other material using a bucket mounted on a trackhoe. Excavated materials would be placed onto a barge with side rails and the dredged material removed from the ferry’s path would be barged downstream and discharged below the ordinary high water mark.

The Corps reported that the proposed project includes annual maintenance dredging for a period of 10 years. Prior to each maintenance dredging cycle the applicant would be required to coordinate with the Corps and the PSET to determine if additional sediment testing is required.

Deadline for sending written comments on the proposed work is December 14, 2017.