PHOTO: EIK Amphibious Excavators Busy in West Jakarta

Four units of high-performance amphibious excavators, the EIK CAT320D SLRs have been busy lately working on a flood control in West Jakarta.

The excavators are working on the dredging project that will restore depth of the West Flood Channel (KBB) in Tanah Abang.

According to EIK, the mudflow in the KBB has overflown and was in need to be dredged. Dredging was urgently required to restore the canal depth as a flood mitigation control.

The officials decided to employ heavy equipment for this purpose in the West Flood Canal area in order to prevent further sedimentation of the river.

Dredging of mud is done by lowering excavators heavy equipment along the West Flood Canal river. This activity will continue until an unspecified deadline,” reported EIK.

The West Flood Channel (KBB) Ciliwung River is connected from Manggarai to West through the Grass Market, Upper Dukuh, leads to Karet and continues to Tanah Abang, Tomang, Grogol, Pademangan, to Muara Angke, North Jakarta.