Littlehampton Flood Defense Scheme Underway

When the Littlehampton Arun East Bank flood risk management scheme was completed in 2015, a section of the tidal wall was left undone as it was expected that it would be delivered as part of a private development.

This did not happen so the Environment Agency is stepping in to replace this section of aging flood defense along the river frontage of 47 River Road.

The work required to replace the existing flood defense will include a new vertical sheet steel pile flood defense wall. The new wall will be 26 meters long and will be installed on the riverward side of the existing timber retaining structure.

The steel sheet piles will be installed from a jack-up barge on the River Arun. The wall will meet the alignment and height of the adjacent walls upstream and downstream of the area. Concrete capping beams will be put in place and connected to the existing downstream walls to form a water-tight connection.

According to the EA, the work will be completed by January 2018 (subject to weather conditions).