RPS Group: New Accredited Analysis of Marine Sediments

Image source: RPS Group

With the ongoing investment in the exploration of natural resources and the harnessing of energy from wind and tidal power, there is an increasing focus on the environmental impacts these can have on the marine habitat, RPS Group – Oxfordshire based consultancy company said in their latest announcement. 

In order to ensure environmental compliance and licensing requirements RPS is now able to offer the analysis of sediments to meet the Marine Monitoring Organisation’s (MMO) requirements of England and Wales.

“RPS also meets the analytical requirements of the Marine Scotland Act, and the equivalent Environment Agency requirements of both Northern and Southern Ireland,” the company said in their release.

RPS routinely supports environmental pre- and post- operational surveys, dredging operations and planning surveys such as the redevelopment of Belfast Harbor (Northern Ireland) and the expansion of Dublin Harbor (Ireland) and has also been involved in other marine monitoring programs.

The company also participates in the Quasimeme marine performance testing scheme in line with OSPAR guidelines, and holds UKAS accreditation for the analysis of marine sediments: all of which is a requirement for submission of marine licencing applications.