Funding Secured for 18 Small Harbor Improvement Projects

The Bond Commission recently approved the Connecticut Port Authority’s request to fund 18 projects under the Small Harbor Improvement Projects Program (SHIPP).

These projects cover a range of improvements including: marina repair, dredging, boat ramp facilities improvement, harbor management plans and feasibility studies.

The projects will create jobs and opportunity for working families across Connecticut,” said Scott Bates, Chairman of the Connecticut Port Authority. “By partnering with local officials to identify and fund projects, we have developed a new roadmap for investing in Connecticut’s small harbor infrastructure and the long term growth of our maritime economy.

The mission of the Connecticut Port Authority (CPA) is to coordinate the development of Connecticut’s ports and harbors, while working with other state, local and private entities to maximize the economic potential of the state’s maritime commerce and industries.

In pursuit of this mission, the CPA has created the Small Harbor Improvement Projects Program or SHIPP as a central part of its strategy to support economic development throughout Connecticut’s waterfront communities.

SHIPP 2017 Project Overview