Work Continues on the Marlow Flood Scheme

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The Environment Agency is continuing work on the Marlow flood alleviation scheme that is designed to reduce the impact of flooding to 287 properties.

Since the last update and a flood defense wall was built along the Thames Path, the EA has also completed the installation of steel sheet piling to continue the flood defense towards Gossmore Lane.

They have excavated through Pergola Fields and Gossmore Playing Fields in preparation for the construction of the earth bund to tie into the new wall.

At Millbank flats the Environment Agency has constructed one of the new walls with a permanent flood gate that will be closed to prevent flow routes behind the defenses. The second flood gate is due to be installed during January 2018.

At Gossmore Playing Fields they have started restoring the ground level for the football pitches. The well pumps around the pitches have been constructed and will now be fitted out with the pump equipment.

The flood defense has not been completed due to problems finding the right soil material to form the impermeable bund. This lack of material also affects the construction of the Pergola Fields flood defense bund.

At the Lower Pound Lane compensatory flood storage area, Environment Agency has completed the main earthworks to create the flood storage area.

To enable the team to build the flood defense wall to the rear of the properties at Pound Lane, the EA has cleared the area, removed the topsoil and laid a temporary access track. The well pumps have been constructed in this area.

Construction of the wall will begin in January 2018 once the materials have been delivered to site.

The scheme was due to be completed in December 2017, however due to problems finding the right soil material and delays caused by re-design, the scheme is not programmed to be completed until spring 2018.

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