ABPmer Launches OMREG

Image source: omreg.net

To coincide with World Wetlands Day, ABPmer has unveiled its recently redesigned coastal habitat creation and restoration website, OMREG.

OMREG is an online searchable database of implemented coastal habitat creation and restoration schemes mainly in North West Europe but increasingly further afield. Each scheme entry includes the what, why, where and how of each project together with photos, design drawings and other media where available.

Colin Scott, habitat creation specialist at ABPmer, said: “The Online Marine Register (OMReg) was first launched in 2005 as a central collection point for coastal managed realignment schemes in Northwest Europe. Since that time it has grown to encompass other techniques and currently holds over 160 completed schemes.”

The new OMReg website has improved search function and now allows users to add unlisted schemes directly to the database as well as to download project information held in the database itself.

ABPmer is a recognized authority in working with nature having designed some of the largest in Europe.

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