Peasholm Park Lake Dredging Project Kicks Off

Peasholm Park Lake maintenance dredging project in now underway, reports the Scarborough Borough Council.

According to the Council, the Peasholm Park is to receive essential building works over the coming months to ensure generations of visitors can enjoy the park for years to come.

Further work is being carried out to maintain the lake within the park, which will involve the lake being emptied and dredged, to ensure a suitable depth for the operation of the pleasure boats and Naval Warfare is retained, and to help alleviate flooding issues,” the Council said

Before the work could begin, the fish present in the lake were transferred to other local meres.

Now when the lake is empty, there will also be a chance for any necessary repairs to be made to the sides of the lake and the surrounding fencing,” added the Council.

The lake maintenance program that just started is expected to be completed by Easter 2018.