Port of Everett South Terminal Modernization Continues

The Port of Everett Commission recently awarded nearly $25 million in construction contracts, kicking off the second phase of the Port’s South Terminal Modernization project.

Project awards include a $24.5 million contract with Advanced Ameri­can Construction to complete the South Terminal Wharf Strengthening and Electrical Upgrades (Phase II), and a $192K contract with Emmert International for relocation of the South Terminal Cargo Transit Shed.

According to the Port, construction begins in April 2018 and is expected to last thru December 2019. Further, with the help of the Port’s 2-percent for public access policy, the project is generating $586,000 to the city of Everett to improve public access along the waterfront.

Completing critical infrastructure upgrades like this will better position the Port and its facilities to handle the larger vessels now calling Everett and accommodate the next generation of over-dimensional cargo on the horizon, including aerospace parts for the new 777X which began arriving in the Port this week,” said Glen Bachman, Port of Everett Commission President.

The South Terminal facility is a key piece of the Port’s overall Seaport Modernization efforts. It’s the largest of the Port’s docks by land footprint; however, the dock was originally built in the 1970s for log operations, and in its current state, can only accommodate 500 pounds per square foot (psf). Modern cargo operations require a minimum of 1,000 psf.

The $36 million South Terminal Modernization Project (Phase II) strengthens the remaining 560-feet of the 700-foot South Terminal dock structure (140-feet was strengthened as part of Phase I in 2015), and makes electrical upgrades at the wharf.

Upon completion, the dock will be strong enough to accommodate two, 100-foot gauge rail-mounted container cranes and provide vaults for ships to plug into shorepower while at the dock.

In 2017, the Port completed two rail upgrade projects totaling more than $8 million.