VIDEO: Australian Seabed Maintenance

Sea Transport Solutions (STS), part of the Sea Transport Corporation group of companies, which own, operate and construct marine vessels for commercial, pleasure and military application, has just released a very interesting video named ‘Australian Seabed Maintenance’.

Seabed maintenance is a common sense strategy because the negative environmental impacts are minimal, while the positive nation building opportunities are many, said STS.

Another benefit of seabed maintenance at the bar is flood mitigation. Reducing major flooding events by even a few inches can mean the difference between dry feet and inundation for many hundreds of homes at immense local cost.

The benefits of maintaining the seabed at bar areas are many. Essentially these bars can block access in and out of rivers for vessels of any significant size, and this has a direct impact on jobs. Opening up these rivers to tourism and commerce is a common sense nation building exercise which can reduce the environmental impact and expense of road and rail transport,” according to STS.

Many locations have already been identified as able to easily benefit from this nation building strategy to create deeper and safer channels through their bars, resulting in local jobs, assisting tourism and exporters, as well as regional development.