Yarmouth Pier Refurbishment Underway

Mackley has been commissioned to carry out major refurbishment works on the UK’s longest wooden pier.

Opened in 1876, Yarmouth Pier on the Isle of Wight is an important historic landmark which stretches 186 meters into the Solent.

The program of works involves the installation of 50 piles, a new pierhead structure and the refurbishment of some decking.

According to Mackley, the existing pierhead structure will first be dismantled and the existing pierhead support piles extracted. The new pierhead structure, including new pierhead support piles, will then be constructed.

To enable work to get underway, a number of existing structures have been removed and stored, for reinstatement once the scheme is completed. The pier restoration works are set for completion by early summer and progress of ‘The Pier’s Tale’ – which celebrates the pier’s history and its restoration for future generations.

This is the latest in a series of projects carried out by Mackley on the Isle of Wight in the past 12 months. In March 2017, Mackley completed a £450,000 project to construct a new electricity substation at Cowes on behalf of Omexom UK.

Two months later, working on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council, Mackley completed an eight-week project to create new moorings on the River Medina. Then in August, working on behalf of CMDP JV for Southern Water, Mackley began a series of works to enhance the Knighton Water Treatment Works.