PHOTO: Keel Laying Ceremony of New IHC Easydredge for Cuba

Royal IHC yesterday held a keel-laying ceremony for the Easydredge 3.700m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) that is being built for Tecnoimport and Empresa Constructora de Obras Maritimas from Havana, Cuba.

The new vessel is the largest in the series of standardized Easydredge® twin-screw TSHDs, designed and built by IHC.

In addition to the standard features the vessel will be upgraded with options such as:

  • larger crew accommodation and increased autonomy;
  • booster pump, which enhances shore-pumping capacities to more than 4km;
  • dynamic positioning system that will help to navigate through narrow passages to protect the coral reefs around the Cuban coast.

IHC said that an extensive training program will also enable the customer to open up the full potential of the vessel.

The new dredger will also be deployed for maintenance works and beach nourishment projects, which are fundamental for stimulating further investment in the Cuban tourism industry.

Artist impression of Royal IHC Easydredge 3.700 for Cuba