Port of Weipa Dredging About to Begin

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) will, over the next few days, begin maintenance dredging at the Port of Weipa.

According to the NQBP announcement, the dredge vessel TSHD Brisbane will work within the port’s south channel and inner harbor between 5 April and 30 April 2018 inclusive.

NQBP Acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rochelle Macdonald, said that the maintenance dredging works are an integral part of the port’s operations. “In the same way that we maintain roads and rail lines for freight transport, we need to look after our port infrastructure to keep trade flowing.

NQBP manages the annual maintenance dredging program at the Port of Weipa – a program that has run for more than 30 years,” added Dr Macdonald. “Regular maintenance dredging ensures safe, navigable shipping depths for our port users.”

Regular maintenance dredging works are undertaken by port authorities around the world and are critical for maintaining port infrastructure.

While the maintenance dredging works are being completed, we urge local and visiting boaties to take extra care when on the water. The Brisbane, with support vessels Norfolk and Pacific Conquest, have restricted maneuvering capability. So we urge people on the water to pay close attention to displayed warning flags and lights,” concluded Dr Macdonald.

NQBP also announced that strict environmental controls and management measures will be implemented throughout the campaign to minimize the risk of any potential impacts on the marine environment.