Yokohama North Dock Dredging VIDEO

Members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District, yesterday released a video of the dredging operations from the US Army’s Yokohama North Dock facility in Kanagawa, Japan.

According to the Corps, the project calls for the removal of approximately 50,000 cubic meters of dredge sediments within the U.S. Exclusive Use Area (EUA) in the v-shaped turning basin and wet storage area at the Yokohama North Dock.

Under the project, the area will be dredged to a depth of (-) 5.0 meters and the wet storage area to a depth of (-) 5.6 meters.

The disposal of dredged material has been planned at either the Yokosuka Ise-Cho Disposal Facility or other available land reclamation sites.