Jay Cashman Makes Progress on Woods Hole Ferry Terminal Project

The Steamship Authority has just released the latest update on their Woods Hole Ferry Terminal Reconstruction Project, saying that Jay Cashman, Inc. continues to work on the passenger loading platform between Slips 1 and 2. 

According to the announcement, they anchored the main passenger platform to the concrete foundation last week.

This past week, we also met with the site contractor’s Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Green Environmental, and our LSP to develop a plan for the removal and disposal of the excavated materials,” the authority said.

The excavation has been delayed several times because Green Environmental has been performing additional testing and pre-characterization of the entire site in an effort to determine the extent of any contaminated soils.

This has been necessary for them to secure disposal facilities to receive all material coming from the site.

Since the first material stockpile took longer than expected to be tested and removed to a disposal facility, Cashman and Lawrence Lynch have been waiting for all additional testing to be completed before excavating the remaining material.

The Steamship Authority now has a plan of action to remove and dispose of all of the contaminated and other material, and all of the remaining contaminated material is scheduled to be excavated this week under LSP supervision, according to the update.

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