Hunstanton Coastal Management Plan Open for Comments

A report outlining the shortlisted options for the Hunstanton Coastal Management Plan is now available, along with an online survey, reports the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk.

We’re developing a Coastal Management Plan for the cliffs and sea defenses in Hunstanton, and we want input from local residents,” the Council announced.

A Coastal Management Plan (CMP) is a plan for managing a coastline at a local level for the purpose of flood and coastal erosion risk management, and Hunstanton’s will help to decide the best way to:

  • maintain the protection provided by the promenade (and its associated defenses);
  • reduce the rate of erosion at Hunstanton cliffs.

The consultation process has already reduced the long list of options for the plan to a short list of seven options for the cliffs and five management approaches for the promenade and defenses. These shortlisted items were presented at a drop-in event in Hunstanton, and the feedback gathered is included in the detailed Options Appraisal Report that has been prepared.

The survey is open until 18 May. After it closes, the preferred option for the promenade and the cliffs respectively will be determined and costed.