Additional Funding for Grays Harbor Dredging

On Monday, June 11, 2018, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Work Plan which included an additional $4.255 million for operations and maintenance work in Grays Harbor.

The Port reported that the funding will be used for additional maintenance dredging of Grays Harbor and repair of the Point Chehalis revetment in Westport.

The additional funding provided in the FY2018 Work Plan brings the total operations and maintenance for Grays Harbor to $15.965 million in FY2018.

This additional federal funding directly supports Grays Harbor’s nationally significant marine commerce activity including the shipment of cargo at our marine terminals and commercial seafood landings at the Westport Marina that combined create thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions in local economic activity,” shared Executive Director Gary Nelson.

Founded in 1911, the Port of Grays Harbor is one of Washington State’s oldest port districts and Washington’s only deep-water port located directly on the Pacific Ocean. The Port of Grays Harbor operates 4 deep-water marine terminals, the Westport Marina, Bowerman Airport,

According to the Port, American Construction performs annual maintenance dredging on the Grays Harbor Navigation Channel near the Port’s Terminal 4. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s FY2018 Work Plan provided an additional $4.255 million for maintenance dredging and repairs to the Point Chehalis revetment in Westport.