Developing the Elmer Flood Risk Management Scheme

The Environment Agency is working in partnership with Arun District Council to improve the coastal defenses at Elmer and to reduce the risk of flooding and erosion to people and property.

The shoreline at Elmer, West Sussex has a range of coastal defenses such as the offshore rock breakwaters (islands), shingle beaches and rock revetment. These are in place to protect local people and properties from the risk of flooding and erosion from the sea.

Some of these coastal defenses (particularly the shingle beach in front of Elmer Sands Boating and Angling Club) are at risk from breach (breaking) and wave overtopping (water passing over the top), especially during stormy weather. This means that the land behind the defenses is at risk from flooding and coastal erosion if they are not improved, reported the EA.

The Environment Agency has identified a ‘preferred option’ which is designed to better protect 325 properties from flooding and coastal erosion for the next 50 years, with an estimated cost over this time of £6.4 million.

The preferred option involves extending the existing rock revetment (rock wall) eastwards up until the Elmer Rife (approximately 165 meters). It also includes repair work to the existing rock revetment and the addition of shingle (recharge) to some of the bays along the beach.

The Environment Agency also announced will continue to speak to the local community as the scheme progresses, including a public information event during August 2018.