VIDEO: Land Reclamation with BELL 300 Dredging Pump

In a lake close to Amsterdam, land is being reclaimed to make room for 8000 new homes along with a large public beach.

The new island, covering 150 hectares, is the fifth one to be formed in the lake IJmeer.

The BELL 300 dredging pump, powered by an ICE 600 hydraulic power pack, is being used to create the new land.

According to BELL Dredging Pumps BV, every day 120 trucks deliver a 20 cubic meter sand load each to the site close to Amsterdam.

One BELL 300 dredging pump fitted on a Caterpillar 329E L excavator pumps this 2400 cubic meter load through a 450 meter long discharge line to a spray pontoon that deposits the sand in a controlled flow.