Wanneroo’s Erosion Management Plan Endorsed

A plan for the future erosion management of the City of Wanneroo’s 32 kilometers of coastline has been endorsed by the city’s council.

The city’s Final Coastal Hazard Risk and Adaptation (CHRMAP) Report identifies areas of coastline that are vulnerable to coastal erosion due to the effects of climate change, and outlines a plan to monitor and manage areas at risk.

The city has completed the CHRMAP in two main components; the first component involved a coastal hazard vulnerability study which investigated the potential impact of coastal erosion and sea level rise on the city’s foreshore areas over the next 100 years.

The second component considers community feedback to determine how the community uses and values the city’s foreshore, and to determine appropriate and sustainable strategies to manage the city’s most vulnerable coastal areas.

The project included extensive community consultation, including letters sent to residents potentially affected by sea level rise, and a series of workshops and information sessions held at key locations across the city.

Adoption of the CHRMAP Report marks the beginning of the implementation phase to 2030, including 13 recommendations for the city to action.