HI-SEA Marine Dredge Equipment for Kenya and United States

HI-SEA Marine, a Chongqing, China, based supplier of marine equipment and dredge components, recently signed an order to supply 10pcs spring steel rubber hoses to a Kenyan client.

Image source: HI-SEA

According to the company’s latest announcement, these spring steel rubber hose will be used for a new dredging project.

The hoses length is 5.8m, inner diameter is 200mm, working pressure is 10bar and burst pressure is 30bar.

The Chinese firm has also won an order from an American client for 12pcs dredge armored hoses. These dredge armored hoses length is 1830mm, inner diameter is 750mm, working pressure is 25 bar and burst pressure is 75bar.

With high work efficiency, the delivery date of the hoses was one week ahead of schedule,” said HI-SEA.

The American client has sent a senior engineer to perform pressure test and bending test on 5pcs rubber hoses and all of armored rubber hose passed the tests.

Image source: HI-SEA