New Plan Being Developed for Ettalong Channel Dredging

The Central Coast Council has resolved to work with the NSW Government on a long-term dredging plan for the maintenance of the navigation of Ettalong Channel.

The resolution follows the recent announcement by the State Government of a $1.225 million funding commitment through the ‘Rescuing Our Waterways’ Program which Council must match dollar for dollar.

According to the Council, a report will now be developed confirming the dredging requirements of all waterways on the Central Coast, including the Ettalong Channel.

The Council also added that a report will be prepared assessing the merits of developing a business case to advise the financial viability of the Council owning or leasing a suitable dredge, including staff costs and maintenance to meet the Coast’s long-term dredging requirements.

The Council will make representation to the NSW Government requesting funds be provided to public transport operators for the purpose of providing additional services between Hardys Bay, Ettalong and Patonga while ferry services are currently diverted.