USACE PHOTO: Busy Days for CSD Goetz

Image source: USACE

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ St. Paul District has just released this amazing photo of their cutter suction dredger (CSD) William L. Goetz, taken last week, during the dredging operations in the Chippewa Delta, at the foot of Lake Pepin – in Pool 4 of the Mississippi River.

With that work wrapped up – which included the removal of nearly 100,000 cubic yards of material – the dredge was than headed to the Fountain City Service Base for some maintenance before potentially supporting downstream districts.

Dredging operations continue in the St. Paul District, however, with dredge plants doing work at McMillan Island in Pool 10, Coulters Island in Pool 3, and an unload project bringing material to the Lansing Highway Bridge beneficial use site in Pool 9,” USACE said in their latest announcement.

According to USACE, beneficial use of dredged material is the productive use of the material by the public or private sectors.

Examples of common beneficial uses of dredged material in the St. Paul District are upland habitat development, wetland creation, aquatic habitat enhancement, creation of areas for bird nesting, beach nourishment, winter road maintenance, levee repair and improvement, aggregate for concrete, bank protection and general purpose fill.


Photo: Image source: USACE