New Chair Named for Peninsula Waterways Committee

The New South Wales’ Wagstaffe-Killcare Community Association vice president Mr Mike Allsop has been named chair of the newly-formed Peninsula Waterways Committee.

“The association has been maintaining a close watch on the dredging program and its impact on resumption of ferry services to Ettalong and Wagstaffe,” Mr Allsop said.

Needless to say, we have all been very frustrated, not only by the loss of ferry service but also by the slow progress we are seeing on the dredging itself and the string of false hopes as to when services may resume. The current dredging program is a program of emergency works funded by the State Government with the sole objective of providing a safe channel for the ferry to operate.”

“We are advised that the ferry company and the Department of Lands, as the commissioning department, are in close consultation, and that the dredge is currently undertaking some final trimming of the channel to provide the margins of safety required by the ferry. Several ferry test runs to Ettalong Wharf have already been made as part of a survey of works completed to date,” Mr Allsop added.

“Why this final trimming has been on hold for weeks on end is anyone’s guess, but the dredge has been active this week. We would anticipate the ferry should be able to perform further tests in the next week or so. If successful, service may resume in early November.”

According to an official announcement, the committee will be meeting with councilors, state politicians and various other stakeholders to keep the pressure on for appropriate action in the short and long term.

“We will keep the community informed, filling a void left between Council and government in the current program,” Mr Allsop concluded.