Lincolnshire County Council: £1.8M Sea Defense Scheme at The Wash Completed

An area of The Wash shoreline near Wrangle is now better-protected thanks to the completion of a flood defense project, Lincolnshire County Council said in its latest release. 

The project will safeguard over 3,400 hectares of prime grade one farmland, and 460 domestic and industrial properties, according to the council.

The partnership has raised and re-profiled sea defenses, raising them to over 7 meters high, improving the protection for both properties and farmland, and creating additional grassland and semi-wetland wildlife habitats.

Cllr Colin Davie, executive councilor for environment and economy at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “I am delighted to see the successful completion of this latest major scheme. Lincolnshire’s flood risk and water partnership was put together six years ago, to promote exactly this kind of co-ordinated working, where each organisation contributes its own specialism to achieve more for our communities and businesses than would have happened were we all working alone.”

“In this case, using £1.3m of DEFRA grant funding we have secured an additional half a million pounds of external investment that would otherwise have gone somewhere else. I look forward to our partnership continuing to attract more external funding to help secure a stronger economic future for our county.”

If there was a major coastal flood, the effect on this 5km stretch of the Wash shoreline had been viewed as potentially catastrophic, with the lowest sea banks along the Wash frontage, and only a single line of defense.

The Project Board also included Lincolnshire County Council, landowners, Environment Agency and Natural England.