Lach Huyen Port Development Project (VIDEO)

The Portcoast Consultant Corporation has been busy lately working on the Lach Huyen Port Infrastructure Construction Project in Vietnam.

The Port – to be developed in two phases – will be equipped with comprehensive infrastructure and handling technology.

It will be able to accommodate container ships between 4,000TEU and 6,000TEU, with the potential to accommodate 8,000TEU ships after expansion.

The Port, being constructed south of Lach Huyen’s river estuary on Cat Hai Island, will have a berth of approximately 8,000m, and a route length of 18km.

Overall, the project includes two components, A and B. Component A is being managed by the Vietnam Ministry of Transport (MOT).

The works consist of the construction of a one-lane access channel, anchorages, a 3,230m-long breakwater, a turning basin, a 7,600m-long sand control dyke, an internal road system, soft-soil ground improvement, temporary berths, roads in the administration area, and an administration office building.