U.S. Hopper Dredgers in Washington

U.S. hopper dredge companies recently visited Washington, DC for a CEOs/Owners Roundtable with General Semonite and staff at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers headquarters, the Dredging Contractors of America said in its latest release. 

The Dredging CEOs also attended the December board meeting of the American Maritime Partnership.

Later in the evening, the dredging executives attended a holiday reception at General Semonite’s Quarters on Fort Lesley J. McNair, U.S. Army Post.

Owners/CEOs of Cashman Dredging, Dutra Group, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, Manson Construction, and Weeks Marine attended several meetings this week in Washington.

“We appreciate the time extended by General Semonite and his staff to discuss regulatory matters important to the dredging industry and the mission of the US Army Corps of Engineers. We are honored to have been invited to the holiday reception hosted by the General and his wife Connie. We greatly appreciate the warm hospitality of the Semonite family,” said William P. Doyle, CEO & Executive Director of the Dredging Contractors of America.

L-R, Maj. Gen. Scott Spellmon, Richard Weeks (Weeks Marine), Frank Belesimo (Cashman Dredging), William P. Doyle (DCA), Harry Stewart (Dutra Group), Lasse Petterson (Great Lakes Dredge and Dock), Mark Sickles (Weeks Marine), General Semonite, Dan Hussin (Manson Construction), Fred Paup (Chairman, Manson Construction), Bill Hanson (GLDD), Bill Dutra (Dutra Group), Tom Smith (USACE), and Jay Cashman (Jay Cashman, Inc.) also attended the holiday reception.

Photo: Image source: dredgingcontractors.org