Royal IHC Opens New Office for IHC Engineering Malaysia

Royal IHC has opened a new office for IHC Engineering Malaysia (IEM), their subsidiary which is currently supporting several IHC departments with cost-effective and flexible engineering activities.

“Our shipbuilding and mechanical engineers have gained vast experience in their respective fields in the years since IEM was established,” said General Manager Pim Kruis.Our strength lies in delivering a wide range of services, specifically creating 3D models and 2D production drawings using advanced software.”

Area Director APAC, Robbie Williams, has underlined the important role IEM will play in developing the region: “IEM is a fully acknowledged subsidiary of IHC. Alongside the facilities we have in other locations in southeast Asia, we can continue to provide innovative and integrated solutions for our local customers.”

The next step for IEM is to build on the experience it has gained over recent years, said IHC in its release. The new office is set to herald a new period in the company’s history in which it will grow in volume, capabilities and skills.

The Malaysian office will expand its business activities in southeast Asia by providing engineering and production drawings to local companies, such as shipyards, manufacturers and engineering agencies.